6-8 June, 2018

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This year will include talks from a wide selection of the community

Wednesday Speakers

Reproducible research: save your time, save your sanity
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Sam Hames
Technical Lead at Kapiche (www.kapiche.com). Software development, text analytics, machine learning, medical imaging PhD candidate
Explaining things clearly: design tricks by a non-designerOnline slides
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Mark Hooper
Mark is Education and Cultural Change Coordinator for the Office of Research Ethics and Integrity at QUT. His PhD was about the philosophy of David Hume. He designs face-to-face and online training courses, and promotes research integrity. He spends a lot of time thinking about how to explain complex concepts more clearly.

Thursday Speakers

Using Cloud to Accelerate Research
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John Pearson

Co-founder of genomiQa and Manager of the Genome Informatics group at QIMR Berghofer MRI with 25 years as bioinformatician. He has worked as part of NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience, 1000 Genomes Project, as well as co-lead Queensland and Australia Genomic Health Alliance. John's publications have been cited over 18,000 times.

Breaking down the ivory tower: tapping into the potential of community science

Janette Edson
Currently I’m the sequencing manager at QLD Brain Institute, as well as technical support for UQ Genomics. My background is in applying technology to genomics, especially new and emerging technologies, and I’ve work in everything from neuroscience to forensic genetics! As well as being passionate about technology and genomics, I also am working toward enabling more people to engage with science. I’m a firm believer that everyone is a scientist, we all have a curiousity about the world and I’d like to see more people reach their potential and learn about all the awesome things science has to offer.

Friday Speakers

I’m not qualified to give this talk: reflections on feeling like an impostor in academia
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Kate Davis
Kate Davis is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Southern Queensland’s Digital Life Lab. She is a social scientist who researches information experience, particularly in the context of social media. Kate also undertakes applied research in information studies. Find Kate online at katedavis.info or follow her on Twitter
Local and/or General: analysis and data resources for researchers

Nigel Ward
Dr Nigel Ward has a history providing information technology advice to non-technical communities. In his role of eResearch Manager at QCIF, he focuses on cloud-based Software Services for Australian researchers through involvement in the EcoCloud, Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory, Characterisation Virtual Laboratory, Humanities & Social Science Virtual Laboratory and Galaxy Australia initiatives. Dr Ward has a background in applied IT research, software engineering, interoperability of distributed systems, web technologies, service and data standardisation.


Software Carpentry in Python

Software Carpentry in R
Fully Booked- Waitlist available

Introduction to Python, bash and Git for Researchers.
Introduction to R, bash and Git for Researchers.

Data cleaning with Open Refine

Data Resources in real world projects for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

A free, open source, power tool for working with messy data.
Three talks on data resources and excellent case studies.

Systematic Quantitative Literature Review

Library Carpentry

Smart and effective method for undertaking literature reviews.
Library Carpentry is software and data skills training aimed at the needs and requirements of library professionals.

Innovative tools for mapping & modelling species distributions

10 Eco Data Things

Using Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) and the Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory (BCCVL) to explore species data and ecological models to understand the relationships between species and their environment.
Interactive workshop in which we will explore issues surrounding management of research data, specifically for people working with ecological data.

RNA-Seq in Galaxy with Genomics Virtual Lab

Introduction to Machine Learning

Using a cloud based suite for Bioinformatics - learn how to create and execute a complete RNA-seq analysis pipeline.
Hands-on workshop around the process of creating a classifier to solve an image analysis problem using scikit-learn and the broader Python numerical ecosystem.

Introductory HPC Carpentry

Introduction to ImageJ/FIJI

Learn how to run your code on the HPC in a hands on tutorial.
Using ImageJ/FIJI, this hands-on workshop provides a foundation in image analysis as well as explaining the terminologies, filters and processes.

The 21st Century Academic: Smart, Savvy and Social

Knowledge for All: Designing equitable foundations for open knowledge

Navigate a path to publish, license and promote your work and yourself in a highly competitive global research network.
This panel session will address the theme of open access and equity. This session is a joint QUT/UQ/Griffith event and is free to attend.

Data Storytelling

Working with Language data in Alveo

Explore digital tools to visualize your data and practice methods to form your narrative in this hands on workshop.
Alveo is a virtual laboratory for speech and language based research. Learn how to add your own data or analyse data we already hold.

An introduction to LaTeX and Overleaf

The workshop will give some practical advice on how to use LaTeX for creating your project reports, thesis, and much more!


Please note, classes have been presented in streams but you are welcome to attend any classes.


Wednesday 6th


Thursday 7th


Friday 8th



The event will be held at Southbank campus of Griffith University, Brisbane

Each participant will prepare a small poster detailing the tools they work with and the areas they would like to get started in.

Social Events

Wednesday 6th

Please come join us after class at 5.30 today to meet the community that brings Research Bazaar Brisbane together. Meet in the Ship Inn main area - All Welcome!

Thursday 7th

Meet up with the Meetups! Connect with our local meetup and community groups and build your networks (plus meet some excellent folks) 5:30 upstairs in the Ship Inn Function room.

Friday 8th

Knowledge for all are gathering in the Ship Inn downstairs for a discussion following their panel. Stop in around 4pm to say hi!

Book an Expert

Pick the brains of our selection of Experts on a range of specialties. You can book in 30 minutes to sit down with one of our fantastic volunteers around any of the following topics:

Please book your session at the front desk or contact us.

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Augment my Treasure Hunt

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