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ResBook Installation Directory

Installation instructions for the ResBook.


To gain access to MATLAB, you will need a licence. Students can purchase a restricted licence relatively cheaply, but most people will take advantage of a licence purchased by their institution. Using an institutional licence will usually give you access to a lot more features, and doesn’t require individual payment.

For people from University of Melbourne, you can follow the instruction at the MATLAB LibGuide.

If you are from another institution, you will need to consult with your library or IT services to find out whether there is an institutional licence for MATLAB, and how to gain access.

Once you have access to a licence, most people will install MATLAB on their desktop or laptop. However, if you have a good internet connection and you are using a small device where space and computing power are limited, you might be interested to know that you can use MATLAB online.

You will see this option available after you follow your institution’s instructions to log in at MathWorks and associate with your institutional licence.

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