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Please note the following workshops are sold out as of 27th Oct:

How to describe your research impact in one sentence
Data Cleaning with OpenRefine
Network Analysis with R
Tidy Data
Learn to share your code & results with end users: Shiny app fundamentals
Machine Learning Crash Course - Principles and Tools in R
Hands-On Knowledge Mapping in R (library bibliometrix)
Reproducible Research
Building R packages and publishing them on GitHub
Introduction to Python
Transferring Academic & Professional Capabilities
Copyright considerations for Researchers
Running bioinformatics pipeline using Nextflow

Accessibility bursaries available

The cost of living is making life very tough right now. We don't want anyone to miss out on ResBaz because of financial concerns, so thanks to our generous sponsors we can offer support if you are worried about the cost of attending ResBaz.

If you have concerns about childcare, travel or other accessibility expenses, please contact us at to ask about our Accessibility Bursaries. We're also offering free registration to volunteers, so get in touch if you're keen to help out.