Book Day One Workshops


ResBaz workshops, day one, Wednesday, 24 November

Once you have registered for ResBaz, you can book into the workshops of your choice.

All workshop bookings are free of charge, but you will need to have your ResBaz ticket number handy to be able to register for any workshops.

We are not taking bookings for talks. If a session is not listed below, bookings are not required - just turn up and join in!

These are the workshops being offered on Day One in Brisbane - Wednesday, 24 November.

Workshop Time Link
Collecting Data From the Web   9:30 am   Book a place
Research Profiles: Working Hard or Hard Work?   9.30 am   Book a place
Software Carpentry With Python (Day 1 of 2)   9:30 am   Book a place
Introduction to Machine Learning for Imaging   1:30 pm   Book a place
Software Carpentry: The Unix shell   2:15 pm   Book a place
Introduction to Sensitive Data   2:30 pm   Book a place