23 - 25th January, 2018

Come Join Us


The event will be held in the UWA Business School Ernst and Young LT, Rooms 101, 160, 161 and 162, as well as the Business School foyer.

Each participant will prepare a small poster detailing the tools they work with and the areas they would like to get started in. These posters will be displayed for the duration of the event in the Business School foyer.


Day 3: Community Day

On the final day of the event, data service providers and individual researchers from the local community will deliver a wide variety of talks and workshops.

Click on the name of each session to discover more!

Modern research relies heavily on software and code. These aspects of the research methodology are rarely (if ever) documented in modern research papers, which has led to a reproducibility crisis in published computational research. This session, run by Michael David Wilson, will outline the practical steps you can take to ensure that your papers are reproducible. Machine learning has become a valuable tool for people working with large amount of data. In this session we'll learn how to extract meaning from data using several techniques implemented in scikit-learn from John Vial. EndNote is the most common reseach citation manager. In this session Armin Scheben will show you caveats and tricks so that you can use EndNote in an effective manner. Publishing is fraught with ethical tripping stones. In this session Joanne Edmonston will talk you through the problems you may face! It is not easy to summarise months of research into a 20 minutes talk. Good that Krystyna Haq will show you how it's done! AWS as a research platform reduces the cost of trying new ideas and provides virtually unlimited storage and compute resources. Andrea Bedini (KZN Group) will show you how to get started with doing data science on the cloud, in perfect security and control over the budget. The workshop will start with a brief overview of AWS and dive straight into a hands-on lab with applications to deep learning, satellite imagery and life sciences.
There are many tricks and caveats in getting your research into a journal. In this session Prof. Dave Edwards will take you through what he has learned in decades of his work. Ever needed to explain your research in two sentences to your grandmother, and struggled? Come along and let Armin Scheben show you how to condense your research into an elevator pitch. Michael Azariadis will show you how to use NVivo, powerful data anysis software that supports qualitative and mixed-methods research. (WARNING: Places are limited due to software licensing) Academia? Industry? The UWA Graduate School will hold a workshop on planning your career! Conferences are full of posters clamoring for attention - Krystyna Haq will show you how to make your poster get the most attention. Research data is more effectively managed in cloud storage services when the research and data curation lifecycle are aligned in the mind of the researcher. This workshop will cover: key features of both lifecycles that aid with research data management and point to existing functions of CloudStor that can be used, e.g. when to use upload versus sync (to load data into active storage) and introduce new research relevant features coming up on the roadmap.

Here's the preliminary timeplan. IMPORTANT: We are running two repeats of the 'Analysing qualitative data with Nvivo' course and places are strictly limited to 10 people each, if you want to attend please send us an email to Please also note that the Nvivo courses are in the Law Library.