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10am-2pm - Mon 20
1-5pm - Thu 23
1-6pm - Thu 30


The Future of Research is Online

The nature of research is changing. The reproducibility crisis has prompted experts to call for more open science and communication in research. Additionally, researchers are being pushed to maintain more of an online presence, and altmetrics now contribute to researcher's career progression and evaluations. At Open Research, we will be empowering researchers to get their data and the story it tells online, and encouraging greater transparency of the research process and openness of data.

What can participants expect to get out of this event?

With free snacks and beverages to keep us focused,
participants will learn how to:

  • Conduct data exploration and wrangling There will be a range of workshops designed to teach you how to use your specific tools to explore and visualise their datasets. Tools include R, Matlab and Python.
  • Effective data visualisation Using visual information to the greatest effect, accuracy and impact and the visualisation tools in your respective programming languages.
  • Telling your research story online Hosting your data, code (via github) and visualisations and research story online.

Who is this event aimed at?

This event is aimed at all researchers who would like to learn how to better analyse and communicate their data online. It will be suitable for all researchers - from those who haven't coded before, to those who are experienced at coding in their specific tools and who would like to learn how to use data to convey a message online. If you are new to programming, please consider attending one of our beginners workshops

What is the format of the event?

Session Focus Description
Getting Started
Starting Week of 30 Oct
Programming kick-starter If you haven't coded before, come to a workshop where you'll learn the craft of programming from scratch
Day 1
Mon 20 Nov
Data wrangling and analysis warm up Begin analysing and visualising in a workshop setting. Introduction to data sets, teams and mentors.
Day 2
Thu 23 Nov
Data Hacking Guided and assisted data analysis and visualisation with teams.
Day 3
Thu 30 Nov
Open and Online + Closing Learn to get your data, analysis and findings online and open. Close with presentations and reflections.